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Vendor Love 


We are dedicated to your entire wedding experience, and your wedding team is vital to that success! 

We will send you a list of Preferred Vendors that we love! You are welcome to choose your vendor of choice, though all caterers must be a licensed/full-service caterer. 

Bar Service Information

The good just got better.

Cheers to you and we look forward to your celebration of love! Your Bar Service is a five (5) hour service, and you bring your beer/wine/signature cocktail ingredients, and leave everything else to HPR!

Included in your package:


Coolers for Beer/White Wine 

Bar Supplies



Water Station for all evening

Add-on Amenities

Soda for your bar (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite) $1.50 per guest

* Please note the soda is for the sole purpose of a non-alcoholic option for your guests. This will not be a substitute for your reception dinner beverage. 

Reception Beverage

Iced Tea/Lemonade/Coffee Station $2.5 pp

Stunning Wedding Cake
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